Murder and Parliament track by track 4. Kettle and Cauldron

I do love a happy accident.

Kettle and Cauldron was my first attempt at composing for a harp. I did not know what i was doing, and I didn’t know any harp players to ask to play it for me. I essentially lost confidence in the piece and ignored it for a good long while.

The whole point of the Murder and Parliament project, if you hadn’t already figured it out, was to resurrect all these dead ends and breath some new life into them.

So that’s what I did with this piece, pretty much by accident.

Instead of trying to find a harp player I decided to run the score through synth sound or two and see what happened.

It sounded good.

So I ran the same score through the same sound at a couple of different octaves to give it a fuller sound. Then I ran it through a few filters and effects till I had something that sounded like percussion – which was another accidental discovery.

Along the way the tempo changes from the original midi file ended up in the wrong place – which is why there are speed changes in a weird place – another bit of serendipity that I left in.

There are chords and melodies I really like in this piece too, but overall my favourite thing about Kettle and Cauldron is how it turned up with so little thought and so much luck.

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