Murder and Parliament track by track 3. Grey Malkin

This one’s proper metal. It’s all tritones and distorted bass and thrash metal solos, and pounding drums.

It didn’t start out like that. Grey Malkin was written at the same time as Firecracker – the arpeggios in the middle section are similar to the arpeggios in Firecracker. That’s intentional, they’re supposed to be part of the same work. That means it was originally intended to be for string quartet, though I never finished that version of it.

After the score sat there for a good long while not being completed, I finally realised that what it needed was lashings of guitar and bass and drums.

Things to note – again, I think this has  proper melodies that can get stuck in your head. The main section uses a diminished scale that often gets used in metal and can also be heard in the intro to Radiohead’s ‘Just’ and in ‘Red’ by King Crimson. It also has twisty part writing with the focus moving between the different instruments.

Structurally I’d say we’ve got something like AABA*B*A. So pretty simple and straightforward The A is the main, diminished scale riff, the B is the clean guitar arpeggios, the A* is the solo. I am proud of that solo. Is it a technical masterpieces of fancy sweep picking and tapping? No it isn’t, it’s a one take wail of distortion and noise, which I think is really appropriate.

This one’s a galloping riot of noise and aggression and speed and the most metal of anything I’ve recorded so far. Hope you like it!

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