Murder and Parliament Track by Track 2. Crookedness

Crookedness is as old as A Scattering and, unusually for something intended to be played on rock instruments, I started with the written score. The main sections make me think of Iron Maiden playing the tune from an old video game, while the middle section has intertwining guitar and synth passages that I must have written at the same time as I was writing the instrumental ‘Two’ from my first solo album. They’re so similar they must have been written days apart.

I’ve had this piece drafted for ages, going back to them every so often and trying to figure out how to turn them into working tunes. The big mistake with this, which I didn’t realise for far too long, was having the rocky melody in half time. The drums were playing at half the speed to the final version and it did not work, but I just didn’t hear it until I finally did.

I also had the rocky version half the length in the first half of the tune, something I corrected in the final version which balances the piece better.

Alun’s playing once again, makes this. The melody is pretty straightforward, stated first in C sharp minor then E, with big simple chords, Those fast drums needed a clattery gallopy Steve Harris inspired bassline and Alun obliged. His playing really brings the piece to life.

In the quiet middle section I’ve also pitch shifted his bass line so you have the smae thing doubled up the octave. The intertwining part writing here I think works really well. You get the sense of the different voices talking to each other, repeating phrases and building up until we burst into the repeat of the rocky Maiden section.

That crash back into the loud distorted guitars is one of my favourite moments on the album.

I also like that Crookedness is full of tunes. You can sing along with this one, even if it doesn’t have words.

Ps. Here’s a very nice review that appeared on the latest edition of Classic Rock Society Magazine.


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